25 May

Coventry has now made the official first ever professional Bare Knuckle Boxing champion of Britain in the Light Middleweight devision Leighton Brady has now gone down in the history of Coventry as the first BKB champion.

Leighton stepped up as a stand in for Melvin Guillard to face Andrew Davies at the Coventry Sports connection arena May 11th 2018 to fight for the British BKB Title (was originally for the World title) but as Melvin couldn’t make it over from the States the British title was then up for grabs with Rogue Elite BKB.

Brady stopped Davies in the first round with a flurry of vicious body shot’s dropping Davies 3 times before the referee stopped the contest as Davies was in no position to continue. Shane Jnr was also a Coventry winner on the evening stopping Brad Raden in the first round too. Chris Masterson, another fighter from Toe2Toe Boxing Gym also won with a first round stoppage against a very tough durable opponent Mally Richardson with a lovely over the top punch which then ended the fight. Chris suffered a broken hand from this shot which he later received medical assistance.


Toe 2 Toe in LA – Californian tour. Leighton Brady with Brian Ortega, Freddie Roach, Frank Trigg, Mike Beltan. UFC Bellator

30 Apr







Toe 2 Toe Touring the USA 2018


Holiday for boxing fans and competitors from England to spend 10 days in Southern California. You will visit and train at local boxing gyms, will register to fight in a local amateur boxing match, if possible, watch a pro boxing fight, amateur MMA fight, visit Venice beach, train on the beach, go horse back riding in Malibu and meet a few local pro boxers.

Schedule Thursday – • Pick up from LAX. • Straight to Doctor for medicals. • Apply online for USA Boxing License. • Back to hotel to relax. • Train at Agoura Boxing • Go drinking.

Friday • Am – Train at beach / go to famous gym. • Pm – Drive to USA Boxing fight or drinking. • Pm – Watch Pro Boxing or MMA Show if available.

Saturday • Am – Drive to fight / Venice beach/train at famous gym. • Pm – Back to local pub crawl. • Pm – Watch Pro Boxing or MMA Show if available.

Sunday • Am – Drive to fight. • Venice Beach / Sage Brush Cantina/Mall.

Monday • Am – Run / Train at Wild Card. • Pm – Paddle Boarding at Marina.

Tuesday • Am – Run / Beach Training. • Pm – Train at Knuckleheads.

Wednesday • Am – Train at Robert Garcia’s. • Pm – Horse back riding in Malibu.

Thursday • Am – Run / Beach training. • Pm – Train at Box N Burn.

Friday • Am – Train at Robert Garcia’s. • Pm – Watch Pro Boxing / MMA show if available.

Saturday • Am – Drive to USA Boxing show. • Pm – Watch Pro Boxing or MMA show if available.

Sunday • Am – Drive to USA Boxing show. • Pm – Sage Brush Cantina.

Monday • am – drop off at LAX

Meet the Professionals-

When we have exact dates we will organise a greet and meet with as many pro’s as I can at different gyms. Audley Harrison, James Toney, Robert Garcia, Freddie Roach, Victor Ortiz, Baz Rutten, Mike Beltan and more MUCH MORE…. UFC & Bellator


Businessmen/Women rejuvenation & rebooting program at Toe2Toe. Directors CEO’s and business owners rebooting analysis for a healthier lifestyle.

04 Jan

26637790_10215616886634912_725460423_n• Is your job stressing you out ?
• Do you want to let off steam ?
• Want to lose the extra lbs ?
• Do you want to set yourself more goals ?
• Feeling tired, irritable & angry ?

If you’re a boss (CEO) of a company, businessman/woman and feel like you have the world on your shoulders then what you need is personal 121 tuition to release that built up negative energy so call us today and we’ll take away that stress and to get you back on track…! Every boss needs time out to rejuvenate, reload and feel rebooted. Here at Toe2Toe we have expertise in manifesting your abundant future by clearing all the negative energies to focus on rebuilding affirmations with positive results that are guaranteed to help you tackle the everyday hurdles of leadership. 


Call Leighton to book in for daytime availabilities on 07833247753 or the office at 08448708269

Toe2Toe Boxing & MMA Academy Ltd. Burnsall Road, Canley, Coventry. CV56BU.

Coventry Bears Rugby League Team Training at Toe 2 Toe boxing and MMA academy in Canley. Fitness center

19 Dec

25151915_1956107651316159_2349687989002216029_nCoventry Bears rugby league squad compete in Kingstone Press League One as the only professional rugby league club in the Midlands region of England UK.  Coventry Bears Men’s First team have been one of the most successful teams to compete in the Rugby League Conference since their inception in 1998. With 6 Midlands Championship titles, and two major National titles, to their name. 

These session’s we provide for the Bears are agility, speed, strength and footwork based strategies to coincide with their playing skills, we also work on co-ordination techniques too so that their ball game remains sharp, responsive and precise.These sessions take place every Wednesday @ 7:00pm


14 Dec

20663977_1904753163118275_19859102871216384_nAwards for all funded program- Toe 2 Toe have been delivering projects within Coventry for almost 3 years. Within this period we have helped several hundred individuals become more confident in the approach to living in a ‘normal society’. Whilst working with a certain individual who over the course of 11 months has seen his weight drop from 24st to 15st he came up with the idea of helping others who have struggled with their diets. He claims our methodology of working with him was something that most professional agencies such as doctors, slimming worlds and dietitians that he used couldn’t get the results that we got. He approached us with the idea of delivering a project helping others to lose weight as well as get fit in the process. He has actively volunteered himself to help out on the project. Using his knowledge and success we have over a period of 2 months consulted with medical centers in the Canley and Tile Hill areas of Coventry, we have engaged with slimming clubs such as Slimming World and Weight Watchers and local community clubs. The feedback we got from these different organisations was quite staggering. We were not aware that their is a systematic problem within our children up to the age of 6 being classed as obese. Things are not much brighter for the adult sector also with over half adults being classed as overweight or obese. The doctors and the nurses we spoke to told us of their frustrations in seeing increasing numbers come to them because of illnesses which are directly linked to being overweight. Within this consultation period we spoke with 6 leading professionals and managed to talk to 19 overweight individuals who were referred to us or had heard about our volunteers achievements. They all wanted the results that he had managed to achieve. We want to deliver this project for a year and offer the help and support to those individuals suffering from ill health because of their weight and those who generally want to lose weight but are put of because going to a gym is intimidating to them because of their size. Look good feel good classes are Monday & Wednesday 5:00pm