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    1. Hi I was just enquiring as to if you have a room to rent out every week for K1 and MMA training as our last venue closed and my sensei is looking for a new training facility to teach from.


  1. Hello,

    My name is Tom Wingfield. I’m a student at Warwick University who is looking to establish an official boxing club. We are setting the club up with our coach, Nigel Howell, who I understand is friendly with coaches at your club and recommended we contact you.

    We are looking to train at a boxing club off campus at weekends and were wondering if we would be able to use your facilities to do this. Would it be possible to use your club for two hours a week and how much would that cost?

    Many thanks,
    Tom Wingfield

    1. Hi Tom,

      Would you like to pop in and see me so we can talk about this. If you’d like to call me to arrange a suitable time then my number is 07833247753.

      Thanks, Leighton

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