Business Sponsoring, Toe 2 Toe Boxing Gym, Coventry

20 Jun

Company Registration Number: 09511621


I am the owner/founder and managing director of Toe2Toe Knockout Boxing Academy in Canley, Coventry. We have 8 boxing instructors here that are all fully qualified in PT at top level, we run classes throughout the week Approximately 60 classes all at one hour long for each class, we see over 400 people coming through our doors each week from ages 2yrs-80yrs old, our gym floor space is 4,500SqFt.

I am currently seeking a business sponsor for my gym, I’ve attached a recent photo of the gym so you can see our potential and the layout I have created to maximise our floor space with the 16Ft boxing ring based in the centre. Due to all this free space I can have sponsorship banner’s and posters on show anywhere in the gym for exposure of your company for everyone to notice, also I have a very big following on all the gym’s social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter (2 profiles), Linked In, local & national paper’s, Instagram,YouTube and of corse our website

We sell Toe2Toe Branded garment’s ie; Tracksuit’s, T-Shirts, vest’s, hoodies, snap backs, beanie hats, ladies summer suits in all sizes from kids aged 2yrs of age to XXL so YOUR company logo can also printed on all our garment’s for maximum exposure as we sell hundreds of branded garment’s that people wear all over our City..! Also I put on Boxing tournaments throughout the Midlands area which is a further opportunity for us to expose your business.

We have been open since January the 5th 2015 and each day our gym just gets busier and busier with new people joining up for (£25 per month). Please feel free to check us out on FaceBook for all recent photo’s and updates to actually appreciate how busy we are..! 

If sponsoring my gym is of any interest to you and your company then please feel free to call or Email me at a time that suits you.

Sponsorship packages


£50 per week- Posters, Banner’s advertised in

our gym.


£95 per week- Poster’s, Banner’s, Website and

Social Media exposure.


£200 per week or £9,000 for the year- Poster’s,

Banner’s, Website and Social Media exposure,

Logo on all Tracksuit’s for sale, ‘Constant’

updates on all advertising (social media, local &

national papers, leaflets and business cards.)